Please help leaves look deformed (5Weeks)

-3x3 grow tent

  • Light (65 V2 4000K Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light) 65w
    Height: 18inches
  • Grow Tent Temp. (75F-80F)
    -Water Temp (around 77F) using hydro guard
    -PPM 650
    -PH 5.8-6.1
  • RH 50%-65%
  • Drip ring and air stone

Beginner grower here, leaves look deformed and starting to see burn on tip. Not sure if i should flush? Roots just started to show at the bottom of net pot so lowered water level two inches below net pot. Am I able to save it? Should I just start over? If so what upgrades or adjustments should i make? Thanks.



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Start a new one but keep this going if you can. Sometimes those turn into monsters. Looks like it a genetic issue.

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Thanks. Ya genetics I kinda thought the same thing but wasn’t quite sure. Ill keep it going and post more pics.

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