Please Help. Issues with one of my Plants 🌱

Hey guys. I’m not too sure what happened to this plant but I think it’s dead. I thought I nutrient burned it at first so I kept only giving it water. Then all the leave started dying extremely fast. I tried giving it nutrients a couple days ago but it doesn’t seem to be bouncing back. Should I throw it away or does it still look savable?

Thank you !


When you don’t give nutrients the plant will get it from the leaves. Those leaves also won’t bounce back.

How much water are you giving? And can tou get a better photo please?

Same response as the other post.

I water whenever the pot feels light and the soil Is almost completely dry. Around 3 days. I water slowly until the water is running off then I dump excess water.

I’m using the genera hydro flora nova line.

I was looking at the plant and removed some of the dead leaves and it looks to still be growing some little good healthy ones.

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Bring it to my house…I get rid of it for ya. :joy:. How close are your lights?


Looks like you are at the finish line to be honest. :+1:

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