Please help,friends husband dying

That’s great,@monalisa,they are trying it now for the last few weeks :grinning:, waiting to hear the progress.Thanks!


@monalisa cannabis/Cannabinoids “remind” rogue cancer cells that they have a lifespan and makes them adhere to the law of “apoptosis”.

Glad to hear about the results.

I was making RSO for a lady with several types of advanced cancers. She finally turned to cannabis after almost going into hospice. She winded up having an extra 8 months of life that was relatively normal, which she attributed to the RSO.

At one point she had not contacted me in time to have a continuous supply and the family said it was night and day. They could not believe that after one day of no RSO her health went down drastically.

Unfortunately she died, but one of her family members sent me a message saying that her quality of life was greatly improved and thanked me for helping.

Bottom line, its a gift from nature, but not always 100% effective.

We need to stop polluting the planet and more importantly our food supply. Everything we eat has Glyphosate(antibiotic/cancer causing) in it and all the meat and dairy has huge amounts or antibiotics in it. We are literally paying for and ingesting our death.


Hi im new to this forum, i hope this message is not to little to late for your friends husband, but i know of a strain of marijuana that destroys tumors/cancer, if you’re interested i would be happy to help


I would be very interested. He is still under treatment and any help would be appreciated.

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That would be great,thanks!

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@Foxninja there are no real clinical studies that can tell you step by step, do this.

But, he will need to take RSO/FECO, suppository method is best.

Read this thread,

@THCCBD has been fighting what was said to be an impossible fight. You and your friend need to do all the research possible and get some RSO/FECO stat.

Also research “apoptosis THC”.

Good luck.

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:blush: Thanks! His wife and daughters have been making RSO for him but not sure if they know about the suppository method. I will tell them and I already have a ton of G.D.Purple seeds from a previous grow that I fertilized.Much appreciated.

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Thanks I forgot to push they reply arrow!

I believe there is a cure for any illness that can be found in nature. But as long as we have the govt that puts a limitation on what we can or can’t grow/consumed, we will never know what cures which illness. But I see now more than ever, many people are showing interest in natural ways to combat the illness. So we are moving in the right direction.

When my husband diagnoses rare cancer in 2017 and given 4 months to live, I had to find something that could help him with his pain. Now it has been 3 years and 8 months, He is not anywhere near the cure of cancer, But it’s miracle he still alive since there are only about 50 known cases worldwide since 1950 with same cancer and all died within 18 months. It hasn’t been easy, but I really believe without the cannabis treatment, he wouldn’t be here still.

In 2018, I witnessed his pain level at 10+ and he was on max doses of opioids; Fentanyl IV drips and Hydromorphone between the drips for 8 days at the hospital, but still screaming at the top of his lung due to pain… The doctor wants me to sign off to discharge him to hospice, which I refused, so his doctor reluctantly discharged him, so I can take care of him at home. Right around that time, I learned about RSO. The long story short, 1 gram of RSO (back door method), and 3 days, he was able to sit up and walk with very little pain. Within 7 days, he did not need any opioids, but he couldn’t stop the opioid suddenly, so to avoid opioid withdrawal, we reduced the doses little every day (on our own, not the doctor’s instruction). And within 2 weeks, he is completely off from opioids. So, yes, I am a true believer of cannabis does help.

We are also trying to eat plant-based, which isn’t easy to do, but as you said, it is so much better for you. And @AAA couldn’t have done it without your gift and I am so grateful. Thanks again.


That’s amazing.I hope your husband is someday rid of his cancer.I know way too many people some of them my friends who were taken way too early with cancer.I started making RSO for myself as a preventative measure last year.I eat about half a gram ever other day,and I eat the leaves raw from my plants. I was on prescription meds that my idiot doctor said would help my insomnia. He damn near killed me before I realized he was a quack. Cannabis has hoped restore my health and treat my insomnia.Good luck and good health to you!

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Thank you!
You are doing the good thing by juicing fresh leaves. I wish my husband would take it, but he is having a hard time drinking cannabis juice. I am trying to come up with some recipes so that it is more palatable.

I have been making dark chocolate with mint drops with cannabis oil (100mg per candy) and he takes 1-2 every night to help him with his insomnia and for his pain.

  • Dark Chocolate contains a phytochemical compound called flavonoids. A flavonoid is an antioxidant that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals thereby potentially assisting in the prevention of cancer.*
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Ok i can help you, contact me at so we can chat more frequently, i tried to respond to your message this morning, but couldn’t because i reached my max number of replies,

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A few things i need to show u, but i cant post it, so contact me

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I didn’t read through all of this, but just weighing in from my medical doctor, that’s also a Pulminoligist, he feels pretty much the only downfall to weed is smoking it because of COPD that it can cause later in life. He tells me I should vape my flower instead. That being said, hopefully edibles and creams and all that help your friend. I’m sorry to hear that. Because it is cancer and little tests have been done none of us can officially say its gonna cure him. But we can say at the least, it’ll probably help give them some more time and ease the pain and passing. But hopefully, it cures it.
RSO is great. I really hope it works. You can use RSO and make edibles as well for more “internal” use, but not sure if it would really work for the brain or anything. I wish I was an MD though.


Thanks,@Shaggy,every bit of info helps!

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No problem. Leafly is an app you can download that is a great tool for looking up info about cannabis. About all of it from terpenes to even finding dispensaries all over the world. Now, sometimes the dispensaries dont have updated lists or use leafly, but lots do. And it has a strain data bank as well. Amazing for learning more. I highly suggest you download it and go on and search anything you want to find out. You’ll find multiple articles about whatever you search for.


I got a phone call from his wife saying his tumor is shrinking .Thanks to everyone who responded.


My friends husband died Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer and skin cancer. I don’t think they ever used the RSO,why I don’t know,possibly thought it was bullshit.I explained everything in detail but…

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It’s crazy to me. We place so much faith in doctors. Everything we need to heal is on this planet.

I’ve got people that ask me for help with RSO and CBD products. I’ll explain things to them and I get responses like “ that’s all too complicated for me, just tell me what to take”.

If someone is not interested in their own healing how can I be?

My condolences, sorry to hear about your/friend’s loss.

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Thanks,I just don’t understand,it isn’t hard to make,and it’s a lot cheaper than Chemo.

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