Please help! Beginner came into some plants

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is safe and doing alright amid this pandemic.

I need some advice—I’m a beginner and I’ve had two (failed) attempts at growing this far. I’ve actually posted on here looking for advice on my setup and everybody has been super helpful. I have learned a lot in my grows, despite their failures.

Currently, I have an empty grow tent, but my system is essentially waiting for me to pull the trigger and start again—I’ve had low confidence about it and I’m not sure why.

Any, the point of all of this is to say I need help/suggestions because a friend came into possession of 2 Fat Kush small plants. She does not know what to do with them and offered them to me.

I have 2 pictures as of now (and can post more later today when I have them) but I didn’t know if somebody can help me determine what stage they are in/what my best option is in terms of possibly transplanting them (they are in solo cups) and so on.

I guess what I really need is an assessment/general suggestion of where to go from here from you wonderful growers who know so much more than I. I tried to get as much info as possible about them but so far don’t have much (and am not hopeful to get any more info tbh)

Thank you so much in advance and again, stay safe!

They are already deep into flowering, just need to finish them off under 12/12 light, and you’ll have a little bit of bud to harvest in about a month or so.

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