Please discourage me

I live in a tiny apartment in central Florida. We have pest inspection every month that lasts 30 seconds. I want to grown one plant in soil. I am old woman that lives alone. Should I grow in my bath tub with a fan blowing and the vent fan running. Using Mylar panels. Or buy little gow tent and use Ona blocks.

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Go grow tent as the inspector will probably think it’s a clothes closet with clothes in it as opposed to seeing a weed plant in the tub and potentially the house smelling like good ole 420


I would not worry about the smell of one plant, there are some strains which smells like a citrus actually…
Grow in fabric pot 3-5 gal this way the plant stays small but dont get root bound.
You top it a few times and make you pretty bonsai…
You said you are an old woman, I dont know what that means, but I think everybody, that includes your neighbors and cops too can pretty much kiss your cheeks…:joy::joy::joy:
Happy growing madam !!


Grow tent. How would you keep it out of site in the bath tub?
Do you know the exact time and day they come for inspection? If you did you could always hide the plant in a closet when they come.


I won’t discourage you!! Get a small tent, shouldn’t be too hard to assemble, you won’t smell a thing. I’m 61 and if I can put a 6.5 ft. tall tent together (I’m 5’3") you can do it too. Just read the directions, look at the picture & visualize what the tent should look like, it all zips together around the frame you put together. When determined, nothing’s impossible! Welcome & good luck!


Go for it, If they should find it just tell them you traded your ox for some magic tomato seeds! Good luck with your grow!


Girl, get a grow tent to fit into bathroom. And your not old I’m a 63yr old newbie. Welcome, youve picked the perfect place for info, great genetics. Everyone here goes the extra yard to help.
Happy Growing!


Just take it a step at a time. Get a tent or grow it in a closet. Get a good LED light. They sell good inexpensive ones on eBay. I use the full spectrum ones. I don’t use the VEG BLOOM switches. I run them both on and my seedlings love it. FF soil and Nutrients, seeds from ILGM and you will get a system down. Keep air moving and make sure it is completely dark if you are not using auto flower. If you live in Florida, I might invest in a dehumidifier. You do not want mold!! It’s legal in Florida so, I would not worry about growing a few plants. GOOD LUCK!!! IGLM has great support as well as F.F.


I am so very grateful for all of the advice and encouragement. I will proceed post-haste.

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@Coperthwhite7 hey it’s legal for medicinal not recreational. Don’t come to Florida thinking it’s legal as you’ll find out the hard way. If you have the medicinal permits it legal to a certain degree. To get a medical card here once they do put the medicinal laws in affect. You have to be seen by a doctor for 90 days then if you meet certain criteria you’ll be able to get a medical card. But please understand it’s not legal here in Florida except for the patients who already get it from the government.

Got a card just 2 weeks ago. Sweetness, you are discouraging me. Stop it.


Congrats on the card

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@makeda1999 welcome to ilgm, go for it get a small tent to put in the corner of the room if it comes down to smell there are always ways to get around it.

Good luck if you need any thing im here for you and will be happy to help happy growings


There are several companies that make small metal or aluminum enclosures that are air tight. You can easily place these beside a window to vent out. They come ready to grow with lights, fans, even hydroponic units and mesh for canopies already setup. However the smell is always hard hide even with carbon filters.