Plants stop growing

A question from a fellow grower:

When My plants reach around 12 to 16 inches tall. in a 3 gallon pot. WHY do they just stop growing. I got 5 plants that look like dwarfs. EVERY Grow I do.

Could be the environmental factors provided such as light, temps, humidity, co2, ph of soil and even out of root room and needs transplant

I agree with magic out of root room

Hi, I did my first grow in 3 gallon pots had the same problem. Now I use 5 gallon pots.

Take care.


Lucky all mine root through 5 gallons and even get rootbound in 20 gallon pots

If definitely sstart with a transplant

It can be the strain or genetics , it could be that they getting root bound , are your lights not intense to push them to peak growth , your vegging time might be short , a number of things , it can be your nutrient line ? I grow a plant in a 3 gallon and the stalk was as big as a air fresher can in girth , I might have a photo but it can be a number of things why you not getting that mass growth , but maybe you are to try a 5 gallon smart pot or maybe a 10 gallon and see if that changes anything ?

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