Plants seem stunted. PH or nutrient problem

I am growing a few Wedding Cake feminized plants for this summers backyard grow. They are currently 21 days old, can’t remember if that is when they were started or when they sprouted. Over the last 4 days or so, they seem very stunted. They are not growing and some of the lower leaves have a palish look to them as well as purple and black splotching. They are grown in 1part Fox Farm Ocean Forest, 1 part Bu’s Dynamic compost, and 1 part mixture of peat and perlite. They are under an LED 8" above, but I’m not sure of its specs as I’m just borrowing it from my boss until the plants go outside permanently. Right now the lights come on at 7:30AM, plants are then put outside at 9 AM weather permitting, and put back under lights at 5PM, lights out at 1:30AM. Only additions are Roots Excelurator Gold, and just a dab of Roots Organic ‘Surge’ primarily to lower the PH as my tap water is over 9, which I let sit for over 24hrs. I’ve grown at two previous residences and the tap water was never much higher than 7. So on this grow, I didn’t even think to PH the tap and have been giving them water that is near or over 8. My theory is that either my soil is too hot, or that the PH is too high. I flushed them this morning and the runoff was about 7 I think. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated my grow friends!

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Yeah I hear on the tap ph thing I’m lucky mine is 6.7 straight from the tap and I tested and found minimal chlorine using the test equipment for my pool I still let it set overnight just to be safe. How often are you adding the root boosters.

I ask because ocean is already a hot soil so the addition could be an issue.

Both about every watering, the Excellurator because that is its directions, and the Surge for PH. I’m thinking of using lemon juice for PH at least until they are ready to take a nute schedule. Do you think it would be fine to put them into their intermediate 1 gallon pots in the condition from the pics?

I think lemon juice raises ph if I’m not mistaken and you would use white vinegar to lower i believe. And as far as the excellator that may be what is directed and it maybe great, but I am concerned just because ocean is so hot it needs no additional additives for 5 to 6 weeks. And even though the nutrients are for rooting it is adding to a already hot soil.

@zee or @Bulldognuts any thoughts


Let’s see what bulldog says :slight_smile:. See if I would have been close


I’ve used FF Bush Doctor Microbe with no problems. Fairly confident that if it is something that is specifically for root health you should be fine. If you look at NPK values on front of label they are very low.

@GetRytGrows, my two cents. The picture of the clear cups tells me it a combination of too much water and not enough drainage, it looks like the roots are literally sitting in water. I cut my drain holes at the bottom of the sides on solos, and another 3 or 4 small holes at the bottom as does @Hellraiser , who I learn from, maybe he is around?

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The droopy ones look over watered, need to let them dry out before seeing any more water, and ph adjust every drop of water you give to 6.5.

What are the low temps when you put them outside? What seems like pH issues can also be from getting too cold, the cold locks out nutrients as well.

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They look wet because I took this picture immediately after flushing the roots because I assumed that using water over 8 would be bad for the rootzone, so I flushed them with 6.5, runoff came out at 7. I normally only water when they are thirsty. Outside temps are between 65 - 75.

I read that, it’s why I talked about proper drainage. The color of the leaves tell me it’s over watering, I should post a picture of my plants outside, it’s been raining here non-stop, wife is complaining it’s going to kill her veggies… am new to growing, just going off what I researched. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. If it is over watering, this would be the first time I made that mistake, so thanks. The first four weeks of a new crop are always the most stressful time and where I make the most novice mistakes. Thanks again!

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The others have it covered. I’m just dropping by to say welcome to ILGM. :v:

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Thanks Elheffe!

I believe the members of this community were correct. They were definitely over watered, and over watered with well over 8ph water for the first couple weeks of their lives. Not only that, but I don’t usually use peat moss. I had some left over from last years autoflower soil recipe and totally underestimated the water holding content of it. I waited two days after flushing them and when I went to transplant, the roots were still saturated. Transplanted them anyway into fresh soil, barely watered them in with some Great White Myco, and now 5 days after transplant they are looking vigorous. Thanks everyone for your expertise!


Yeah! Look at them go now. :+1:

Looking happy and healthy, nice work on recovery!