Plants not growing- Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue

From a fellow grower: My plants started to grow over the last several months but they all grew to very small plants.

The yield is extremely small… they barely grew to 1 foot tall…

Blue dream and gorilla glue

Indoors with good lighting and then moved outdoors in Arizona.

Ventilation is good with fans

Soil is happy frog

sad plant
sad plant 2

Happy to have you join the forum. This looks like it could be an auto flower, which if this is the case, they grow to all different sizes, some larger than others. I prefer photoperiod for this reason.
Secondly, looks like it needs a bit more nitrogen, but I’m not sure if you’r nutrient schedule if any.

Like @Covertgrower said, they should join the forum. I have questions about how they were watering, as well as what specific lighting/schedule they used indoors. Basically, it’s be helpful for them to walk us through every step they took, and the environment they provided along the way.

Probably in a small container for to long , plant didn’t develop, what happened in veg how long etc , it looks like user error , next try ,

My first grow was trash , this is me second grow and looking better , the smaller one is a blue dream and gg , the genetics are there

What makes you say that? The container pictured is more than adequate for a larger plant.

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Well Im assuming that , that could be the case because if the plant had this container and made it to flower I don’t see why she wouldn’t had developed if it had this space , besides bag looks brand new ,soil looks great so I don’t think it’s that either , so my conclusion was it was root bound or dwarf weed

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The pictures are small and I cant enlarge, but it looks like a vague outline of a circle on the second one like a peat pot was placed in the fabric pot. If so the plant may never have been able to root beyond the original container. We all know those dont break down fast enough for cannabis. I may be wrong with these old eyes tho.

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like right there…


I see that ,anyways he should do great next grow with the set up

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That’s a good catch @Spiney_norman

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tiny trees never had a good start. too long in small container, no nutes, no decent lights. too late in growth cycle to be worthwhile.
save effort for new plants. pull and start over.