Plants not flowering-Cherry Pie, Do-si-dos-cannot see pollen sacs

From a fellow grower: This season I grew 6 plants indoors,4 do-si-do and 2 cherry pie, each plant in a 5 gallon marshmallow bucket with 5, 1/2" holes drilled in the bottom of each for drainage,and each bucket sitting in a tray to catch the drainage… I have a 4X4X6 MarsHydro grow tent with a MarsHydro LED. I am in the 10th week of growing so my lighting is set to 12 hrs.on, 12, 5am to 5pm. I use a 5 gallon bucket filled with water and 7 oz. of each of my nutrients, GROW,BLOOM and.MICRO. In that bucket is a submersible pump which distributes my slurry of nutrients and water to the 6 plants through water lines with watering nozzles for each plant…After experimenting last year,(my first grow) I have found that 1 minute of watering each day at 6am works very well for my purposes .I’ve included pictures of the 2 plants that are not female…I checked through you troubleshooting section and I did not find information about how 2 out of 6 plants grown from feminized seeds can grow to 6’ tall and not display attributes of female or male plants as the other 4 are growing normally.

Cannabis is usually sexually mature (capable of flowering and displays characteristics of its sex) at between 4 and 7 weeks. We have seen plants that take as long as 12 weeks to mature to that point. It isn’t common, but it does happen.


Looks like pistils starting out right here. Good news is I see no male parts. Maybe they are just slow to show sex. Should get in gear within 2 weeks of switching to 12/12. When did you flip lights?


You wan to leave some headroom in your tent for flowering stage. They will stretch a foot or two after your switch to 12/12. So make sure you switch or you’ll be up into the lights soon.

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