Plants no longer sleep?!

not sure if it’s a problem which is why I’m asking others with experience. my plants are bout 3 4 months old. at night they used to droop there leaves which indicated them sleep. BUT for the last few days almost over a week they have just stayed “awake”?
leaves and all just stay up. morning noon and night… is this bad or is it mean they can transition soon?! someone help. before I have to discard my babies cuz I waited to long for help. :sob::sob::sob:

I’ve had some that droop at lights out like clock work, I’ve had others that droop only in the early veg stage and then stop like yours and I’ve also had some that never droop at all. You’re good :+1:

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that’s a relief… sigh… now just one more teensy thing I noticed… out of the two I have growing both the same age. put in soil same time. sprouted bout the same. but one is tall, very bushy. lots of leaves at various sizes.
the other… well she kinda split… she sprouted then as she grew she split into a Y shape. and is growing maybe bout a couple inches away from her sister. but it’s just weird I’ve never had a plant do that…

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You will see a lot of genetic variation between seeds. I usually run 3 plants at a time. Same strain , same batch. Get 3 very different plants ranging from runts , to leggy plants, to large bushes.