Plants look like its dieing or dead

Help :persevere: my plant is not healthy…what should i do? I started using some of my advanced nutrients about 3 weeks ago. And one of my plants is thriving and the other is dying. My Girls are going on 9 weeks this Thursday. Is it to late for this one?

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How much and how often are you watering, what medium are they in? It can be saved


Agreed with @NorseRow . What soil are you in, and what’s your nutrient pH/ppm going in/out?

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Looking back at some of your other pics I will venture a guess that your plants are root bound. Those containers are a little undersized and plastic does not breath like fabric grow bags. I may be wrong, but that would explain the symptom.
Some root bound plants block water drain holes and the roots will rot.
Grow bags are much better for cannabis.


Agree looks like root issue had one that looked similar had a clog in hydo line.

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