Plants got to cold

Hey family, I’ve been growing in my shed in a tent just fine. Usually I grow in spring or summer but weather so good I did autos. Got down to 10 degrees last night and plants wilted. Still green and look good tho.can’t put heater as lawnmower and gasoline. I put extra lights in the tent and lowered reg lights. Are they gone… can they be saved?? My fans and are still on should I keep or turn them off. I be got 1 more night of 1 more night of a cold night…. Please, please help… by the way I have other plants in with my autos and I 2 weeks into 12/12

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Pics or it didn’t happen

Suggest an oil filled radiant heater. No risk to the gasoline. Something like this:


Does the lawnmower get you stoned? Kick it out!!! The heater like newt showed ya works great!


Amazing heaters. Used them when raising the younguns. Safe efficient and cheap.

definitely a decent heater, im using 1 as we speak

That temp is cold enough to cause cellular damage. If it was just the one night and you may get lucky. But if they get any ice or frost that actually forms on them, the area it forms on is done for most of the time.
Oil heater or hps lights, heat lights something to keep the Temps up or they will be gone if not all ready…
Got any pictures and maybe give us a better idea

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Installing a temperature controller, a device that allows us to adjust the air intake and keep the air temperature well within the optimal values, thereby preventing any difficulties caused by extreme temperature swings, is a simple approach to avoid this problem. I've been in a similar situation before and installed an electric warmer; nevertheless, this has drawbacks, most notably its high electricity usage, which I believe is not realistic for most people. One of my friends who works in a [cannabis store]( recommended utilizing a temperature controller, and I've been using it ever since.

Try insulating the pot and rootball. Most plants as long as the nip is contained to the leaf and the roots stay warm they’ll be fine!
Over short periods.

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Styrofoam cooler. I got a couple of freebies but they are too small for my 3-gallon pots but might work is I do a short run in 1-gallon pots.

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How does it get to 10° and you not be proactive ahead of time? Didn’t you get notification of cold weather?

2 time grower. I’m learning from my mistakes every time. Won’t make that one again. Thought I had enough time to finish but weather here soooo unpredictable. 6 out of 10 was able to save and looking good. Got heater and gas and lawnmower outside and snow and ice coming for 3 days beginning tomorrow. Quick question. They need water today and I have a fan running during nighttime 12 hrs. Maybe hold off on water and turn off fan during this time as I would think it makes it colder in tent. Quick response would be appreciated

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