Plants getting too leggy

From a fellow grower: Strain: Gorilla Glue and Jack Herer
Type: auto
Climate: began indoors to sprout the seeds and once they are big enough I will move outdoors into a grow tent, while indoors I have them near a window so they can get plenty of light and the window is open so they get a breeze
Soil: quick draining
PH of runoff: there has been no PH I’m aware of, the water I use has no PH
Nutrient Mix: I have not used any yet. I’m trying to figure out what is needed
Light Type/Schedule: Natural daylight morning to night, please let me know if I need to supplement this?
Temperature: right around 80 degree give or take a few degrees
Humidity I’m uncertain of this as I’m only watering when the soil becomes dry
Ventilation open window and at times a brisk breeze
AC AC does come on in the house occasionally, but I have the door closed to the room where the plants are with the window open, which makes it warmer
Humidifier none
Dehumidifier none
C 02 none

Welcome I can tell you this much you need to get a more powerful light source or move your plants outside to allow the sun to reach them. They are stretching for light for sure! I would like to add something else, water unless it is distilled will always have a PH and if you don’t get it to preferably 6.2-6.8 in soil you WILL have issues with nutrient lockout and damping off. Even with nothing added you should ph your water to recommended range for example my well water out of faucet and passing through a filter is 8.5ish so I add nutrients than use distilled white vinegar to lower it to recommended range. Hope this helps!


Those need to be outside like now or they will die.