Plants germinate then die-Grape octane autoflower

From a fellow grower: I have had zero plants that have survived past germination. The sprouts come out of the seeds and once planted, there has only been 1 plant that started growing, but before it was handled and removed from the inside nursery to be repotted, it lasted 2 days and died it self. I am using cocoa husk pellets in a sealed off environment, with a 16/8 light dark cycle. I’m using full spectrum LED grow lights. The self growing habitat by Jiffy is what I use start my plants

The 1st are grape octane auto flower. He have 12hr light, 12 hr dark.

These 7 are grape octane auto. The are in a Jiffy grow kit, I substituted the peat pellets with cocoa husk pellets. These are self watering, they also have a full spectrum LED grow light on the with a 12/12 cycle. Only 1 out of 8 sprouted, the other 7 never sprouted.

Call the lifeguard they are probably drowning


How much and how often are you watering? Seedlings should only get a couple ml of water per day. Anything in excess of that risks root rot.


Ditch the peat pods and start your seeds directly in moistened happy frog soil with a baggie or clear top over it.


There is alot of good info from folks on here that grow using different methods. Germing is pretty much the same, still gotta get the tail to pop but I hope this helps.


Jiffy pods are by far the worst thing to start weed seeds in. Next time go with soil in a Solo cup every seed will germinate and grow


It looks like youre leaving the taproot above the soil the seed needs to go all the way in the soil the resulting seedling shouldn’t need to supported by toothpicks