Plants are stalling out at 2nd node

From a fellow grower:*My germination has been ok but some are stalling out at 2nd node, then just drying up even though properly watered, Shredded coconut stuff for seedlings, using led grow lights that were spendy.

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Looks hungry they need food when using coconut husks and phd in the range of 5.7-6.3

@Also wet to dry cycles looks like over watered to me @ILGM.Support

Just in case there are none, solid cups need drainage holes.
Young seedling do better with a dome to retain humidity.
The dead one looks to have really stretched out. Correct light height and or intensity.
The usual cause of seedlings’ death is overwatering. I found myself wanting to water because it is growing.
And as said, they need to be fed from day 1 when in coco.