Planted geminated seeds won't grow

Please help! This is my 5th time growing & I don’t know why im having a problem growing seedlings! I
germinated & planted 5 GDP seeds. Planted in jiffy pots & Soil-Fox Farm Ocean Forest (what i usually do). Watering with Dustilled Water ph balanced. All 5 seeds germinated but only 1 sprouted out of the soil. This has never happened to me not even on my 1st grow. I can see the tops of two of the seeds but its 2 weeks since I planted my germinated seeds! Do I need to start over or does anyone know anything I can do to fix this?

Do u have them under a light

I’ve found this to not be a great combination. The FF is a bit hot and can stop seedling growth. Straight coco in a Solo cup or rock wool both work very well. Rock wool cubes are pretty convenient: Soak in water, squeeze out in your hand until slightly damp then introduce sprout 1/2" below top level. Distilled water, dome, 24/0 lights and a heat mat as well is helpful.

Yes 600 w full spectrum lights

Ok do u have any seaweed liquid if so mix two mls of seaweed liquid into a litre of water give this to ur plants this should help th pop up i do this all the time and it works for me

Yes I do. Thank you :blush:

No worries that should help promote good growth and roots and it will help them to come up

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