Plant with Genetic Disorder

First pic has been its environment (plant is far right in the tray.) The rest are for assorted amusement.

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I think it will be fine…

have u thought about taking it out of the dome…

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Yeah, it’s probably ready to come out at this point. She’s 2 weeks old now.

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This plant is a polyploid. Which means it has 2 complete sets of chromosomes. I recently had a plant that was also a polyploid, she flowered good and all so no worries.

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Check this out. I could be in for a treat.

I saw a study in the search results about how to create a polyploid. Very cool!

Polyploid Traits:

  • Ducksfoot
  • Four sets of leaves at the nodes
  • Stretched (doubled) flowers
  • Dark green leaves
  • Double bud sites
  • Heavy feeder
  • High water consumption
  • Thick meristem
  • Pistil discoloration (pink pistils under black light)
  • Extreme potency
  • Crooked looking plant providing a Bonsai appearance
  • Larger stomata
  • Thicker leaves

I’ve read up on it a little and it can be both good and bad. If she focuses herself on one branch I would cut it off. Mine had this palm tree looking branch and it was like an inch wide but it was flat like a ribbon. I ended up cutting it off for the greater good of the plant.

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I seldom use a dome and seem to be ok? Here are 3 Balkhi and 2 more Johaar

I took it out this morning.

Like I said, the funky plant I grew is stupid powerful! 2 tokes and Im paranoid and super high! Not ideal for me but my chronic friends dig it!

Got any pics, or was it one you posted above?

I also posted the bud growing out of the leaf above.

Yeah, that bud growing out of a fan leaf was bizarre.

This is the same plant


My polyploid orange barb is actually doing quite nicely. She is just short of 3 weeks old now.