Plant snapped, Need help ASAP

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It looks like there are still roots attached? Stick it back in the dirt if that is the case. Support it with a stake if necessary. Get it settled and stop touching it.

You plant looks nute burned. Have you been feeding fertilizer?

Soil looks wet too. When you water it, do so and then let the soil dry out before you water it again.


Just put it back in and laid some new dirt down on top, it’s in SoHum living soil so I couldn’t control the nut burn at first. And I watered it about 2 hours ago, I water every other day. You know how to get them stem thicker/stronger? It’s way smaller than everything up top

A little breeze from a fan will help strengthen the stems, but I’d give it a week to heal up before you do that.

There are a couple of other ways to strengthen a plant too. I make and feed seed sprout tea to my plants (Google it.) A silica product can help strengthen a plant too. I don’t usually use seed sprout tea or silica until I am a couple of weeks into flowering. It really does make your plant more rigid and it makes it much more difficult to train and plant with techniques like bending and supercropping. A rigid stem won’t bend or supercrop very well. It will just break if you aren’t very careful.


@FlxerPower… good to know!