Plant recovery from heat stress?

My tent has been running way hotter than average these last several days as a result of outside temps rising. My plant has started to put out new pistils or white hairs all over most of the buds. I’ve turned my light down to the lowest setting which drastically dropped the tent temperature. Can I leave the light like this the rest of the grow? The plant is close to 50/50 clear and cloudy trichomes so it shouldn’t be growing too much longer. Will the end product still be good quality since it has the new bud material on it that has fewer trichomes on it?

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Yes this is known as foxtails they can be cut off at harvest as for the lights I’ll let the light pro answer that @dbrn32

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Auto or photo? If auto can change to a 6/2 or 5/3 schedule and manage that heat much better without starving her for light. Photo cant.


Little bit of foxtails shouldn’t change too much about your grow. Cannabinoids can be sensitive to heat though, so hard to say quality of your product hasn’t been compromised.