Plant neon green all over

@Budz that green doesn’t look healthy to me. Additionally, I’ve had insect damage since it’s taken on its new color. Mj releases hormones when it’s sick that attract pests so I’m almost positive something’s wrong with her because she never had problems with pests

74 views and only one person has attempted to help. Come on ilgm

Looks nitrogen deficient in your latest pictures. Did not really before. What are you using for food?

@Budz I said all of that in the post above bro. Down to earth slow-release organic fertilizer. Superthrive plant food 4-1-1. Okay so I am seeing what I’m seeing. Like I said, my initial thought was nitrogen. Gave it a shot of superthrive plant food 4-1-1 and saw the leaves still curling down like it had too much nitrogen. Probably just needs a few days to get it’s legs back

@SaTeeva have you given her a good flush lately? She is super lime green/yellowing. If it were me I’d be flushing, give her a week and see if any improvement. I’m by no means an expert but that’s what I would try. Hope she turns around for ya.

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@Packof3 hey I appreciate the feedback and I wish I could my man but Flushing doesn’t work with living soil.

@SaTeeva I didn’t realize that…learned something new! Good luck, hope you figure out what ailing her.

@CMichGrower @MidwestGuy one of u were in living soils right. Any clues for this fella. Seems to be lacking nitrogen. Im in coco with jacks so im of no help with living soils. Lol. @Cannabian maybe alson

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Uh, I dont use ( living soil ) so to speak… I grow in real soil with the planet connected to it. In my mind a healthy soil should support a plant through its grow cycle adequately without addition of outside nutrients. That said, if you grow a plant in a small container, it eventually runs out of soil. Im going out on a limb here and suggesting if you removed that plant from its container it would likely resemble a solid mass of root? Not much if any living soil or soil of any kind left.
Pots suck! Plain and simple.

This bed is 16" of replaceable organic soil overtop of actual earth ground… no landscape clothe no gravel… just earth. The soil can be removed and traded for garden soil so as to rotate my crops.
So with my method of gowing, about the only thing I really should add is a bit of horticultural epsom salts in early summer and a bit in the onset of fall to give back what gets leached out. I do, however, choose to use teas, like comfrey, worm castings, seaweed extract and kelp extract. These are pretty mild. I dont subscribe to using bottled salts period in a real organic soil.


@Cannabian thanks for the feedback my friend and hey, take it easy on my pots! I know, there are definitely benefits to growing in the ground because I am a farmer by trade but pots have their benefits also. One thing I can guarantee, this plant has not filled out the 15 yet so no way it is a massive root ball. I’m looking for feedback from other outdoor Growers regarding my specific circumstances. I do appreciate you sharing your Technique with in-ground growing but with all due respect, that will not help me right now because I’m growing in containers…BTW nice-looking stem :muscle:

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120 views on this thing and have had only a few offer advice. I believe this to be the case because I already know the answer to my original question LOL just was looking for a confirmation or possibly something I missed. Thanks to everyone who offered advice

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Many of us pass on the commenting if the question was answered well.
Couldn’t improve on the ones already given.
So I will just say nice plants and Keep it up!


I had the same problem last year outdoors, plants turned light green, this pic Aug 9th

Diagnosed it from this I found online before I found ILGM

I use Coast of Maine soils and ferts and gave them each 1/4 cup of the Lobster meal, scratched into the topsoil. Next pic Aug 18th, so a week later they were a healthy green.

Just a wildlife warning when using this tho, you may get some critters that dig in your pots looking for the actual lobster lol, I had a little digging and some paw prints on the deck a day or two after applying, it’s not overwhelmingly fishy, smells like fish food but critters have the nose for these things


Hey, not bashing pots! And your weed looks great! Just telling you aboit my experiences with growing in containers. Chlorosis is very common, and yes its a lack of N. What Im suggesting is that im a larger volume ( bigger container ) the N will last longer because there is more supply. I realize you situation is made more comicated because the plant is already in flower. Otherwise it would be a simple fix in soil, just pot up into fresh material in a bigger pot. However, you need to raise the available N and hopefully the ph is in the happy zone so your plant can take it up. :blush:
When using actual soil, ph is buffered better and therefore addition of a worm casting tea is a fast boost. You can also do topical sprays and N is immediately available that way too.

Just my 2 cents . I grow outside in pots, this year trying mushroom compost, my methods are not generally accepted by most but it works for me. During veg I use a very hot nute. 24 8 16. During flower it is something like 9 55 ? do not remember exactly. Your yellow plant is very hungry wants N using a chemical N makes it available now should respond in about a week.
I start feeding about two to three weeks from transplant slowly at first then push it up until start showing signs of nute burn then dial it back, This way I can find the tolerance of the plant. Then feed the hell out of them until harvest.

Don’t feel bad. My soil methods aren’t widely accepted either. I grow in coco too. So I do pH for it. In my soil I build up my bacteria levels through the roof. With what comes in FFHF, myko,tribus bloom. There are others I’ve heard great things about too. Anyway. Using the acids and bases chemicals can be kind of detrimental to colonies. Thankfully, they handle my pH too. So I just stack up rhizos and don’t even look at pH for my soil