Plant just up and died

Never had this happen before,this Black Sugar started looking horrible 5 days ago.Everything including soil p.h. is normal.Looked like it was dampening off but hadn’t been watered in 5 days.Let it dry out and it’s just getting worse.Weird.Anybody have any ideas?

This is another Black Sugar right next to it.

that 1st pic looks like my plants when I was a kid, my mother would run a hat pin in the bottom of the cup & ring it around & sit it back down. Next day I’d be scratchin my head wondering what happened. She told me about it when I was about 40.

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That’s funny.

Im guessing root rot.
Fungus will cause this type of catastrophic failure.

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I was afraid :fearful:that might be it.Damn.Thanks for the input.

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Good catch @Spiney_norman that’s exactly what happened