Plant is sickly, diagnosis please

Green crack i wk 6 flower, under 1k watt led, 3gal bag of potting mix, fox farm trio with the 3solubles, calmag, silica, Omina, growers recharge, mammoth p. Ave temp 90c ots in garage no ac, good oscillating air flow, Hu ave %50.

Ph was low on water run off, round 5.3. Did a 9gallon RO flush amd brought it down to 6.5.

Ppm start was 1950ppm and final was 40ppm.

Now i got more rust and the leave are turning downward and getting light colored.

Its still wet from flush on sunday, so im not sure if i should add any nutes in yet, dont want to over water.

Plus took microscope to a few leaves and found mite larvea. I HATE to spray this late in the game but she has a few more weeks to finish and i kjow that is enough time for a colony to grow.

Im twisted and need straightened out, cant decide what to do.

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Jacks deadbug i can recommend into flowering. It’s a bacteria that kills, but not us.


Yep, time to break out the Capt Jacks Deadbug.

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What about the leaves curling down at bottom of cannopy?

Been using this in previous grows, havent sprayed any of my plants in a 2 months. Got one in flower and 6 in veg

Huh !!!

90f, my bad

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90 degrees is on the hot side. I prefer mine under 80.

I have two spaces, a 3x6 DIY closet built in garage which has no hvac to it, and a 6x9 room built in my florida room with house hvac ventalation. Cant control temp in my garage, its sits between 85-90f.

Garage space

Indoor grow space

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