Plant is drooping/ silver on leaves

I flushed the plant out with water and some nutes and Epsom salt. And cut off the curled leaves. We’re at 7.5 weeks now and looks like new growth here has been slow to non existent. What ever will be will be.

If you zoom in really close though check out the trichomes. And the purple. The strain is Bloody Skunk.

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Here is this struggling little stick plant. It’s about 18 inches high. At 9.5 weeks from seed.

I zoomed in really close, for how little it’s producing it is colorful. The early morning light really shows the trichomes, I see birds flying around in there.


Any updates?

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Oh. Right. The little plant was harvested and I got like 2 grams of lousy airy bud lol. So. That’s very tragic. But there’s always another day and another auto is ready and it has actual yield on it. Blueberry. I’ll post about it in my grow journal.