Plant injury accident

My plant is extra fragile right now.

How long does a kinked branch take to recover? Read on if you want details

My runoff PH is 5.6, I know this is a issue and I’ll correct it as soon as my plant recovers.

during the process of watering and catching runoff I accidentally super-cropped my plant. One is a big top I’d like to save.

Some of the branches actually Kinked. No tears. I propped up the injured branches, as a form of a splint.

So I’d like to wait for these to recover slightly before I flush. How long will this take to recover?

@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410

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If its not cracked itll be fine. I actaully cracked half the main branch of one of my plants awhile back with no ill affect.


As long as they’re still attached you should be fine.


They are pretty tough plants

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I’ll post some in the morning.

They should recover just fine, sometimes I crack stems on purpose to slow down certain branches so others can catch up.

Yup. Its called cropping. Extra useful technique.

Just dont allow the skin to break and she’ll grow back that much stronger.

Add some pics when u can