Plant Growth Question

We have a question from one of our customers and I hoped someone in here could help answer:

I planted one seed which sprouted on March 9, and got a healthy plant. It has continued to grow in leaps and bounds despite my not adding any nutrients at all!
I planted it directly into a 4 gallon pot in organic soil. By 2 weeks it was already multi-branched from the bottom of the stem up.
I measured the height at 23 days, and it was 14".
The next day it was 18" tall.
Two days later it was 23" tall.
I was expecting a 12-16" plant.
I have gradually added 34-watt CFL grow lights up to a total 4 now, at 4 weeks.
I measured it today at 4 weeks and 1 day, and it is now 29" tall. My light lamp is now up as far as I can raise it (hanging on the closet rod). It is putting out visible pistils on the multiple branches so is definitely a female.
I am dumbfounded at how big this plant is, and still have another 4 to 6 weeks to go! I plan to start adding bloom fertilizer starting at week 5.
I didn’t try to use any training on this first plant. Luckily I had space in a closet to grow it in!
Isn’t this unusual for a lowryder? Especially since I’m only using CFLs? Wondering if I got the right seeds!

We’re the seeds feminized or were they auto flowering? It sounds like you are experiencing the flower stretch. What schedule are the light on now?

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