Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

Do Bergman’s plant nutrients contain plant growth promoting rhizobacteria? Is that something that occurs in soil naturally? Can unsulphured molasses be used with Bergman’s plant nutrients?

Couple of points:

No. Fertilizers are generally comprised only of NPK and micronutrients like copper, iron, and boron.

Yes. Most soils, unless sterilized, will have some level of microbes in them.

Yes. There is no direct relationship between nutrients and molasses. Molasses is generally used to help feed microbes since it is a form of sugar.


He pretty much covered it. :arrow_up:

I used Bergmans and added a mycorrhizae fungi and fed it with Blackstrap unsulphured molasses and had a really good grow with the combination.

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Watch the PH, when I use molasses, the ph in my water changes faster.