Plant Caddy with drain

Anyone ever try one of these? I’m using cloth pots, and this is an inch bigger in diameter. Looks like it might need some screen or something laid down to aid drainage. Can be used with or without wheels, but for watering rotating plants in a closet I thought this might be the ticket.



I was thinking this would help in pH-ing the run-off on the individual plants.


I like it . Only 3.3 " in height . Perfect for checking run off . :+1:

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@Whodat66 if you have a Harbor Freight nearby, they have the small moving dolly’s that are more sturdy and cheaper. I picked up 6 last week for less than $8 each using their mailer coupon. You would need to reinforce the middle with a 1x4. Just put a small bowl under it to catch the runoff. Just a thought that might save you some $$$.


I have sturdy casters, wood and tools, but I was looking at this more from a water containment standpoint. Originally looked at big flat cake pans, and was going to drill a drain in them.

If they don’t seem sturdy enough, I may reinforce the caddy - or ditch the wheels and make a dolly like you’re talking about.

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Those things look perfect. My only concern would be runoff overflow for some of the larger smart pot sizes. Great idea though

That’s what I was thinking! Last grow I could only fit a smallish bowl under the drain, so when I watered during flower I had to keep an eye on it as it drained and dump the bowl into a bigger bucket. I think the tray will be the same.

I use these and like them a lot. The ones I have 12.9" are ok for 3 gal or 5 gal smart pot max. Runoff can fill the slide out compartment pretty fast for you need to be careful, but it does make checking runoff easy for sure.
On Amazon $15.99

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After thinking about it, I may tap a drain hole into the front of the tray and put fitting to attach a hose to. Just stopper it up until I get to the heavy watering, then hook a drain hose up when needed.

I was looking for a good way to prevent over-watering and let the smart pots drain the best.

I guess because the pot isn’t sitting in it’s own water, and on top of the pellets, it uses up the runoff fairly quickly and I can use a syringe to measure it. It’s cheap and it works for me @Whodat66