Plan for Hurricane Season

Reminder for those in the United States hurricane country…September n first of October is peak hurricane season. If one does come into your area, will you be able to keep your Ladies safe n healthy?

Issues for outdoors would be massive winds and subsequent flooding.

Issues for indoor growers would be loss of electricity and subsequent loss of lighting and temp control.

Good idea to have a Plan B or even C.


If I were growing when Harvey came through it would have been a total loss. Can’t do a whole lot with 3 feet of water in the house. Good thing that came out of that storm is I found the cavity behind my fireplace, perfect for a grow space, when tearing out the drywall.


I’m still soil having not made the leap to hydro YET! So thankfully I can pull my in the house until it passes then let ol mother nature shine on them till the generator is hooked up. I’m assuming @tanlover442 you might be a fellow Florida grower? Did you have some plans to discuss or pointers that this sight is the best for? What do you plan on doing, are you hydro?

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If a hurricane hits it a catastrophe, especially in September or October, it will be a another lose of my crop, last year, my gorilla grow got swallowed by a flash flood, growing next to the river, I leave it in Mother Nature’s hands, if it happens, no biggy as long as were safe and able to grow another season, that’s all thAt counts

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5 day s without power after Harvey was a reminder to plan ahead.

No driving inland when Harvey was only 40 miles north of me and trying to get to safety.
Good thing was…no one else was on the roads. Except for overturned 18 wheelers.