Pk experiment results

I have been doing a side by side pk experiment. Everything is the same apart from the pk application
600w hps
6" out
5" in
2 oscillator fans and one laid down
Canna a n b
Sumo boost
:strawberry: Kush.
Mother was beautiful

#1 pk13/14 day 20-30 (worked before)

#2 mills 0-7-6

#3 planet earth 1-50-30


Just started the flush but #2 stood out. I’ve never seen buds that fat.

#3 comes second
#1 was poor in comparison. I thought it was good stuff but mills from now on. Not cheap but unless a fluke is a clear winner. It had the smallest % of p and k . Just goes to show. I’ll try get pics



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@Thumper . Empathy is rare. You are blessed . If only everyone was like that. The world would be a better place . Peace brother

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It would appear, that #2 drops the N completely. Hmmmm?

I have read even die hard canna fans complain about their pk 13/14.

One thing worth noting is that npk ratio is not always linear to elemental concentration in solution.

What do you mean pal about nitrogen and what have I done or not done

Your gals looks amazing! The #2 mills 0-7-6