Pistils turning brown too soon?

The pistils on this plant are turning brown quickly. It’s a 6 week autoflower. ILGM says 8 week flowering time. It’s only been flowering 3-4 weeks. Is it just naturally starting to mature? Is it possibly a hermaphrodite?

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I had white widow autos do the same thing. Thought it was a little strange but let it run it’s course. Turned out fine.

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Don’t worry it’s completely normal for the pistils to change, new white ones will grow and so on until ripe


Hey thanks for asking this question. My Blueberry is doing the same thing right now too

Refer to @MeEasy‘s comment

Thanks I had seen that I was just thanking Huganug for starting the thread on this topic so I didn’t have to ask the same question.

That’s what mine are, CBD white widow autoflower from ILGM. Thanks for the reply!

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We’re all here to help. :+1::+1::+1: happy growing!

3 out of 6 of my white widow fems are doing that . They are clones and their mothers also did it.