Pistilless flowers

So whats going on with this girl. She hasnt hermed and isnt pollinated. Just stacking these petite little nugs with no pistils. 3 weeks flower


that’s a new one for me…lots of trichs though

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How far down is your light on the canopy?

Im running between 650 to 1k par on average. With 950 par avg overall.

While thats not too much light, I was thinking perhaps it is frying them up, your pistils. Just first thought I had. Looks good regardless, I would change nothing.


I’m thinking that it’s genetic: I had a Red Dragon do this a few years ago and it really only developed smaller colas and not much potency.


Definitely a different bud structure I vote genetics. Good luck


Maybe it hates pollen and doesn’t want any lmfao …that’s kind of cool looking if you ask me never saw this before


She wants Nun of it and is sitting with her legs crossed! :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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She didnt yield much. Maybe 12oz but the taste smell and smoke are great. I monster cloned this one and have 6 revegs vegging until spring then im tossing them outside.


Only a few pistils on this one and they all turned color and receded at 3 weeks

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What is that?? Looks beautiful


Is Mimosa EVO from Barney’s Farm.

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