Pistil question

I was looking at my girl earlier and noticed the pisti

ls are bigger than before. Is this normal?

Yup they’re the 1st to develop fat calyxes then you’ll notice come harvest time that they’re pure amber trichomes

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Ok awesome! They are on a 18/6 should I flip it to 12/12 for flower? I believe this one is a photo.

I don’t know how big is she , but yes at any point flipping to 12/12 will start flowering some people like to lollipop or defoliate a week before the flip or just aggressively LST but remember shell roughly double in size from stretching


She’s like 5 months old,about 1 ft. Due to LST. Iam a little hesitant to lollipop or defoliate her much as this is my first real grow LOL I did remove some of the fan leaves about a week ago but she’s bushy again . I have watched some videos about how to do it but I’m still unsure of it