Pistil Packing Mommas?

What I thought were pistols on Jan. 29th have turned into more leaf pairs? They sprouted on Jan. 11th now with more light they are vigorously growing. Am I too impatient and need to chill?

My listing is 2 [FECiDA 600W LED Grow Light Dimmable set at 60%

Along with Grow Light Strip Kit 45W, 4 pcs 16 Inches LED Grow Light


Good morning :blush:. Your plants are looking good. I’m a little concerned about your lights. I’m no sure you have enough light to get 4 plants through flower. :blush::v:


What you are seeing are growth tips. They usually form where a fan leaf interests the stem or another branch. Eventually they will become flower sites / colas. I imagine you are familiar with the high stress training technique called topping. In its basic form it takes advantage of this growth structure by cutting the stem or branch above a node and thus allowing the two growth tips to take its place.

I started with a plant similar to this one

The fan leaves and growth tips are removed from the lower nodes and then topped above the desired node.

Four days later I have the beginning of a manifold

I agree with @Flitme. I found the Fecida 600w lights on EBay. They are described as 65w lights. A 65w light is ok for starting seeds and during early veg stage. It is not nearly enough to produce buds that you won’t be disappointed in. You also mention 45w strips. Is that 45w each or total?


Great illustration :metal:


@beardless @Flitme thank you for your input. I originally had just the one Fecida 600 watt then added the vertical strips. They are 45 watt total output. I just added the second Fecida 600 out of concern for light coverage. The Fecida are currently set for 60% should I max them out? Will that be enough light for flower or did I waste my money on them? I’ve never grown before but am trying it to get off of Oxy. Things have changed from the 70’s when a 4 finger bag was $15.00 all leaf.

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@Flitme i added the second 600 watt light should I crank them both to 100%? Will that be enough light to supper flowering? Or do I need to scrap the whole thing and invest in a completely new light system?

Best wishes in your battle.
The two lights total 130 watts and with the strips they all total 175 watts. I am sorry to say if they were all concentrated in a small area - say 2x2 and one plant, they should be able to produce some legitimate bud.

Turn lights up to 100%


100% It is. Like 7" from the noon day sun. :grinning:

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@beardless got your answer. Light is a very important part of the growing process. You might if you are planning on growing long term invest in a good light. There are a number of them out there. Happy Growing :blush::v:You also need to decide how many plants you want to grow at a time and your space. You need I believe 35 wats per square foot. :v:


@beardless @Flitme I do not know how often I will grow. I am growing just for my personal use for pain relief. The lighting confuses me though. The lights I purchased say they are 600 watts but Beardless stated the lights he ( Beardless=she? ) :slightly_smiling_face: were 65 watts. After rereading the specs I noticed the lights use 65 watts of power but emit 600 watts of light. Where did I go wrong?

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Assuming this was a factual statement is where you went wrong. The horticulture standard doesn’t measure light in watts, so there is no “emitted watts” of light. They are trying to get you to buy into the model of their 65 watt fixture producing same amount of light as another light that consumes 600 watts. But even the best leds available aren’t capable of that. To get even 2-1 ratio of performance you should plan on spending in the neighborhood of $1000 for something like a 4x4 space. Some refurbs, scratch/dent or sales may come in less.


Thank you for your input. :cry:

If you watch for the sales you can pick up a HLG320XL for about $300 Excellent light for growing 2 plants to their finest.

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