Pistals browning off as bud starts to grow. Is this normal?

Newbie outdoor grower in OZ and I have noticed that as the buds are starting to grow some of the pistals are browning off. Our temps here are up to 35-39 degrees celcius at times.
Is it just temp related or is it normal for some to just brown off.
In every other way the plants are super healthy and loaded with buds.

First @jtfoto welcome to the neighborhood, pistils grow out of calyx and as the calyx grows the pistil turns color and more calyx grow with new pistils and so on. It’s when like 60-70% of your pistils are colored and are curly that you start looking at the trichomes for ripeness. This pic explains it better

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Welcome to the forum bud.

Yup, completely normal. I’m only 4 1/2 weeks through flower and the older ones are browning
off. Don’t sweat it. Just follow the picture @MeEasy posted. You’re in good hands with his info.

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Just me being paraniod. Thanks mate.

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Welcome fellow Aussie! I’m an indoors guy - but these guys have already got you well covered!
Best of luck. I feel your pain on the temps/ humidity here - it is a challenge! :sunglasses: :+1:

Welcome! I totally get the paranoid thing lol… it’s almost like their your children. Totally normal for pistils to turn