Pine apple express 23 days old, have some training questions and yield questions

Have a grow tent 6 by five feet, she’s n there, also, I have a Venus fly trap cluster in her own mini environment to help promote insect guarding. I want to train her to produce more cola, she is Pineapple Express for strain, I plan on using a pipe cleaner to bend her but not sure if that’s the best way? I have a 21 inch 20 gallon pot for her for her final stages, trying to get the most out of her the easiest way with LST. Don’t feel comfortable enough to try high stress stuff. BTW the Venus fly trap should not effect my adjustments for RH and temp, it’s in its own mini jungle tube ecosystem lol. But my main idea for her, the Pineapple Express that is, is to make as many colas as possible with as little work or stress as possible. So the first green pot is what I want to transfer to next, but is it ok if I transfer from a small to a huge final container?

  • Method: Soil fox farm happy frog, nutes are grow big big bloom and tiger bloom also from fox farm.
  • Vessels: small 12 inch pot have two bigger ones, deciding if I need to transfer her to a bigger one then the final container(which is 21 inches and holds 21 gallons) don’t know which is best.
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (NA for a cpl of days)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of: NA
  • Indoor
  • Light: small full spectrum LED, cheap but the right schematics, 50W it’s a smaller one.
  • Temps; 75 average
  • Humidity; 65% I keep it 24 hours light.
  • Ventilation system; Yes, small fan from top duct hole blowing in air from above, another fan diagonal actors inside the tent on the floor blowing air out that duct hole.
  • Fan, Humidifier, fresh warm air coming in and circulating while going out, gentle but enough to promote strong stem growth.
  • Co2; Maybe?

we all want that :wink:

the limits seem to be your grow room, but it is possible to fill it with one plant full of colas.

i would let her go until she has 5 nodes then i would top her once. that way the plant is going to put energy in the side branches you bend them down and keep them growing horizontaly until you have 80% of the space covered. you will have shoots alot of them on the side branches growing to the light. each might become a cola. it is recomendable to cut some off so the ones you leave get more light have more space and therefore get fatter.

she seems a bit stretchy… propably that light wont get you the buds you wish for (what say you? @dbrn32)

happy growing


A 50 watt light is not really going to cut it in 6x5 space. Looking for a large yields, its not even really big enough for a 2x2 space. A light proper for the space would provide more energy for the planet and result in more rapid growth. Without getting lighting squared away i also wouldn’t bother transplanting to such a large pot. This space isn’t really setup to support a large plant, so I don’t see the need to have a pot to support a large plant.