Picking on yoshi


"but plants grow in dirt , so i give them a cup of ph water daily and i simply pour it in the drain pan and let them dribk what they want just make sure you dont give them to much , its real simple they will tell you all you need to know , you see issues on your leaves , i guarantee you if because they getting to dry in-between watering cause when you dont know you dont know "

So you only give each plant 1 cup of water every day. I have some questions. Only really interested in what you do in soil.
Does this include when they are in flower?
What size pots?
What kind of soil?
Any nutes?
Hope you don’t mind me picking your grey matter. Just found that interesting maybe intriguing.

That is for small plants as big ones with flowers can drink up to 1.5 gallons per day. I have had them drink 2 gallons a day but these are Sativa dominant plants.

My Indicas usually drink 1/2 that much every day.