Photo period correct time to plant

What time to plant .hours of daylight are 6.22 sun up. 6.05 down =11.45 hours I make it?? When to plant feminized for new season please

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Anything you put out now will go into flower. Late June is the best time to plant outdoors…


Is not necessarily about hours of light if you’re starting from seed outdoors. Outside plants behave differently than indoor plants. And you need to be especially careful if moving mature plants from inside to Outside.

You need to research this for where you live as it’s different depending on where you are and seasonal changes.


Late May or the 1st week in June is the best time to plant outside. If you plant in July you can still get a good harvest but after that the size of the plant shrinks considerably. It’s gonna start to flower when it’s still a small plant.

Depends on where you live. Weather determines when.
With photos, you can take rooted clones and put them out when the overnight low temp is 50+ F
That is probably the same when starting from seed.
But if there is heavy spring rain you delay so they don’t drown.