Ph tested@ 7.0 need advice

@ 7.0 the test kit says coco/hermeculite soil is neutral. Am i ok?

@Prodriverdon I grow in organic soil to they say 6.5 to 7.0 is a good ph level to be
At but for some reason organic seems to be at neatral a lot ever since iv had my plants it’s read 7.0 so I’ve just left it ph up and
Down you have

Won’t let me send a pic for you uh

But I see your forum your in coco hermiculate never heard that learn something new everday good luck teachers on here are great they are really funny to

After i harvest the beauties in a few weeks im going to dump all soil and maybe take bleach and erratic the mites and fleas. I hope someone lets me know if thats the best way (bleach). What’s the best soil for indoor… Thx for the reply.