Ph soil needs attention

my ph soil is reading at 2 what can i do to improve this?

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What are you using to test the soil ph?

3 in one meter tester for moisture light and ph soil

Yeah those are pretty much useless except for the moisture meter part, the ph meter part of it is not to be trusted. If your soil ph was actually 2, any plant in it would die immediately. A runoff test would be better but you need a digital ph meter for that.

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l have noticed one one plant the roots are starting to come out of the sides where i have the holes is it time to transplant?

Not necessarily, that’s pretty normal. I transplant when the plants need watering every 1 or 2 days after a full watering.

thank you i am learning as i go really don’t know what i’m doing yet i’m sure i will have lots of questions

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