pH of Run Off Water

What is a normal range for the pH of run off water?

Example: If pH going in is 5.8, should the run off pH be the same, lower, higher?

It should be what you’re aiming for. If it’s coming out higher than you want, go in with a lower ph next water. Vice versa if the ph is coming out too low

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Usually it goes from acidic to alkali after passing through soil, however 5.8 pH seems a bit acidic for soil and at the bottom for hydroponics, any lower and certain nutrients start to become unavailable.

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So it’s more important that the run off is the desired pH? Not the number going in?

Correct. You want the ph of your medium to be the ph you’re looking for. Doesn’t matter what goes in to get to that number. I’ve put in water at 7.2 to get my medium to my target of 6.5


This changes things for me. Thanks guys!

@BobbyDigital @Shatter

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Water has no buffering capacity. It will take on the pH of the soil. Even if you pH water you will have very little effect on the pH of the soil. This can only be done with nutes with some buffering capacity (phosphates).

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What mix of medium are you using as some require differing PH levels.

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