PH Meters revisited (3-way versus single purpose)

I think after you see these pictures you will never trust a cheap garden center 3-way meter again. This has been discussed here again and again, but now finally I have pictures of a side by side comparison that illustrates clearly the accuracy of even an inexpensive PH measuring device that is made for ONE purpose, and one only.

You can definitely go off the deep end buying equipment, but this one that I found on Amazon (made by Testwest) was only about fourteen or fifteen US Bucks and from what I have seen so far is every bit as accurate as I need for right now…


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PS: I’ve decided to cut off the aluminum probe from the 3-way since I don’t use it for PH readings anymore, and it will disturb the growing media a lot less with only 1 probe attached to it

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It would be interesting to test that against a couple of different reference solutions. Because getting a reading is not the same thing as getting an accurate reading lol.


This is true - and I hypothesize that a litmus paper test using ordinary tap water would be the best way to confirm it.

Test the water with litmus paper, and then see what the meter says

  • sounds like a plan, but it will have to wait for next month unless someone volunteers

Earlier comment confirmed by the way - I cut off the ALUMINUM test probe from the three-way tester, and it still reads soil moisture just like before