pH level for watering and flush how close

Should pH going in be same as pH coming out? I don’t know newby here. Going in at 6.5 coming out at 7.5 Good or bad. Thanks for the help

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What is it going into and out of???

Soil or coco? Or something else’s?
In at 6.5 im going to guess soil and I’d say it’s a little high an not really normal but, if the plant seems happy and healthy id take note of it and carry on as i had been.

I was watering my plants taking a pH test go in and coming out after I I watered. Fox farm soil and Fox farm Coco loco haven’t get my pH and TDS meter yet. Just trying to stay on top of things. Thank you

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You’re in soil. Let the buffers do their thing. Just water between 6.0-7.0 and the soil will do the rest.


Thanks for info