PH adjusting question regarding Dr. Earth

My PH is starting to creep above 7 and my leaves around the flowers are yellowing a bit which I believe is normal. I got Dr Earth soil acidifier to bring the PH down which is in granular form. How much should apply and should I dissolve it in water first?

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I wouldn’t use the product. It uses sulfur (sulfuric acid) to stabilize pH and is not intended to be used often to manually adjust pH on a repeated basis. You may also deal with a sulfur toxicity as the product builds up in soil over time.

The majority of growers use food grade phosphoric acid.


Could I use a drop or two of lemon juice?

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Yes, you can.

Would you suggest maybe one drop every 4 cups of water?

I’ve never used it. The amount you use will need to be based on the needs of the solution you are trying to adjust. You’ll have to iterate doses to get it right.


You need a ph meter