Pests boring through the stalk?

So about 2 weeks ago the top branch of my blue dream/3 kings plant died. I clipped it off. Less than 2 weeks later the next highest branch died. I clipped that one on Friday. Those were the two that grew after topping it (beginning of the season). There was a small piece of the stalk that had no branches so I cut it to see if there was anything up inside the plant. Sure enough there’s a hole in the center of the stalk. Am I correct to think it’s pests? If so do I continue to let the plant grow (about 2 more weeks, maybe less) or do I harvest it now? Some of the plant seeded (had a few males that must have gotten lucky). Here are some pictures. The plant looks like it’s all bent over but those are the side branches and the buds are pretty heavy. I since supported them.

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The stalks are hollow not necessarily bug damage


I see hollow stalks all the time.
Structurally a hollow tube can be stronger than a solid one so its just engineering.
Holes perpendicular to the stalk, then you worry.


I didn’t know that. Thank you. Now back to wondering why branches are dying.


I bug or caterpillar bit it somewhere. I looked for an hour before finding the lil green w black stripes caterpillar

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