Pesticide for super small files and tiny jumping spiders

Yesterday I noticed a super small fly and my second very tiny jumping spider. The fly was buzzing around the light and the spiders were on my sprout tray. I removed the pests. Now I am looking for options on pesticides. I’d like to just use one if possible.

White Widow Auto-flower and Gold Leaf Feminized all in Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil.

Thank you all

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I use Permethrin SFR. It is organic and kills all pests. Be careful of it around cats, it will also do them in I have been told. It doesn’t bother dogs tho. Good Luck.

I would get some Captain Jacks Dead Bug, $5 at Walmart. It can be used during veg and flowering. Make sure to apply right before your lights go off.

First off jumping spiders aren’t a pest…they would’ve eaten any pest you had…i purposely put them on my outdoor plants and they guard and patrol happily…

Secondly if you’re growing indoors I wouldn’t go with a pesticide…the Capt Jacks I’ve never used but see mixed reviews about it so…your call on that one

If you’re wanting to control “pests” … neem oil will get you the furthest and you can use it all the way to harvest but the spider would’ve helped ya even if you didn’t have a pest problem…poor lil spidey :rofl:

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Anyone have experience with these types of products?

Sticky traps work! You might even notice them attracting predator bugs…placement will be key

I would never ever use neem oil on a flowering plant. I promise your buds will taste and smell like it.

Even after a wash? This is good info thank you!

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plants absorb neem oil and it stays in their vascular system and can alter the taste and flavor of your buds, so it’s better to use alternatives in the flowering stage

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Dude thanks for sharing this…@deez read that homie :arrow_up::facepunch:t2:You might have already known but just in case you didnt


Something nibbled a leaf… I think

Dirty lil bugs…definitely nibbled…check the undersides of leaves and then around the entire grow and then around the entire room….that’s not good and seems like a one sitting kinda feeding…this bug won’t be so tiny you’ll be able to see it

Around the entire room is meant for you to be looking for a possible winged bug also

Dope nibbling insect was caught! Thank you @grizZz you were right! It was lounging right under a leaf of the plant it was munching on. It was removed. Hopefully it will not effect the plant too much.

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You’re very welcome

Captain jacks dead bug concentrate. Not ready to use stuff its way too much. Can use capn jacks start to finish or seed to harvest no issues. On the spider it depends on what spiders they r and all spider mites r not good. To me any bug on my plant is not good they all poop when they land or chill on something so i dont wanna smoke any bug poop lol. Bud washes are always recommended especially for outside grows. @Arrow has a good breakdown on budwash i believe it was arrow lol.


Yea it’s totally arrow he has an elaborate bud wash in his journal

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