Pest or something else

Anyone have any ideas on these discolored spots on the leaf? Pest or something else?

  • Photoperiod Pineapple Express
  • Indoor/soil (Detroit Nutrient Co. Water Only Soil)
  • week 4 of veg
  • no added nutrients up to this point!
  • temps steady around 65-70
  • humidity around 45%

I’m a relatively new grower and this is my first time growing a photoperiod plant. Prior experience is growing two autos, so I’m still learning.


Looks kinda like a chemical burn from something splashing on the leaves.
If its pest you should see some evidence on the underside of this or other leaves.
Could have been just water on the leaf while lights were on as that will burn the leaves sometimes.

@Spiney_norman thanks for the insight. Underside of this leaf looks normal (the spots don’t go all the way through the leaf). It is possible that water droplets ended up on the leaf.