Pest control wk 12 Sour D

Any advice on killing fungus gnats?


Proper watering (let the soil dry out between waterings) will discourage them from showing up. Once you have them you can treat with Capt. Jack’s Deadbug.


Sticky cards help a lot to

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Mosquito bits soaked in warm water over night. Strain and water. It only kills the larvae so you will have to repeat every three days. Once your your yellow sticky cards are not showing any adults you can do it once a week for control.

Diatomaceous earth works also on the topsoil. But once you water it turns into a clump and not effective.

Best to you! I hate those things.

Also if you have any houseplants treat them also.


all of the above works, i had gnats and i hate them lol, so annoying.

Week 12 of flowering?

Hungry ladybugs :lady_beetle: work but I would go with the above mentioned

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Since germination.

You guys rock.

Is bonide safe to use this late in flower?