Perfect recipe, terrible meal

A question from a fellow grower:

20 ww, 11 sprouted after 10 days. I believe at least 2-3 more still will. Ive been h2o soak, 12-16 hrs, most pop, then to soilless mix to sprout. Im a long time grower, just mostly from clone or friends’ seeds. So I guess I could use a lil help. After MANY seed banks, due to customer service, stealth, and price/quality, ill go nowhere else, and I only write now because im about to place YET ANOTHER order, and would like to know (im not really worried about the germ guarantee) WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? Ive always had decent germ rates, and following your directions to a T, im having so many problems, it HAS TO BE ME, even ones that pop wont grow. Soilless, flourescent bulbs, peat, coir, perlite, verm mix, 5.7-5.9 ph, soak, 1/3" max deep. Moist, not soaked, humidity dome open for gas exchange. 76-84 constant temps, perfect recipe, terrible meal :frowning: I’d like to order some more asap, and dont expect you to honor guarantee this time, just please help! Also, with widow and certain light hieghts, spacing, etc, what would be the best signature strain for alongsid2? Im lookin super skunk*, super silver, purple for now, hydro, short veg, dual-quad cola training, not quite sog, mh, flourescent, hps, advanced nut, and organic super soil grows°Sub-Cool, top feed, recirculating drip system, 2,200w/(4) 400w hps, (1) 600 w hps, (same halide), plus (4) 2 bulb 32w t8 fixtures, 6500k veg, 3100k/4200k alternating bloom. Proper air exchange, rh, looking to not have to change much.

Claire, I have always used a dish plate and 2 paper towels and warm water and always had 100% sprout rate all seeds were from Robert. They all seem to sprout with’n 12 - 18 hour’s never fails. Then I place my seedlings into dirt and keep moist. and again with n two days here they come and they take off from there.
This has always worked for me maybe it will work for you .
I just did my first cloning attempt maybe you could give me some pointers along the way…lol


1st. I say; If you have had success in the past, grow like you grow. We offer guidance, not rules to follow. I think our guidance is spot on, but we are not trying to change growers with experience. Personally; I do not use the direction’s from ILGM to start seeds. I place them in 1/5" rockwool cubes or ProMIx BX starter cells, and i have no issues.

i am glad you came here to ask. Let’s keep a dialogue open and get you on track.

Meanwhile; Fill this oput for me

Seedbank used:
Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space:
Soil or Hydro?
Medium used:
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Humidity %:
Light system/watts?

:slight_smile: Peace