Perfect grow ends with a wimper

seems I am trying to kill this one as i didnt water it for a few days…wish her a speedy recovery

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damn this one is really growing tall compaired to the last…Zittles auto

whoops i just looked and it was purple punch instead of grandaddy purple that i picked to go with the goldleaf

@Newt @Graysin …so I plucked a few of the worst looking leaves after my forgetting to water her…would you take the rest of the bad looking ones? or just let her be…I also went ahead and started her on a full dose of jacks…good idea?

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Good idea indeed.

You can let the leaves die on their own or take em now. Either way.

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Yes, and yes.


Look around before you buy a dehumidifier. I found a refurbished 35 pint GE (box says 50 pint under old standard) for $114. Reservoir is almost two gallons and I have to empty it 2 or 3 times a day depending on the setting. Probably have the link bookmarked on one of my browsers if you want it.

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so my humidity has been keeping around 40% living in nor cal I am running the airconditioner day in and day out…when my last plant went wrong I was trying to live without it as it wasnt quite as hot so maybe thats why the humidity was out of control…so the tent is in the main part of my house and I am not sure I want to run a large dehumidifier for the whole house…but I think putting one in my small tent wouldnt do very good with the inline fan circulating the air in and out of the tent…I also am reluctant because my last order got lost in the mail and was hell to deal with…I love the midea cube ones because the kinda sit on a 5 gal bucket…I dont know…I am keeping a close eye on the humidity and so far so good…but I hear ya…bigger is better if doing the whole house


With RH at 40% you’re honestly fine without a dehumidifier. Before I got mine RH was almost 70% most of the time. Mine sits outside the bedroom my tent by the top of the stairs most of the time. When it’s cooler I put it in the bedroom and close the door to keep the temperature up during lights out. The GE does it’s job well. At first I planned on getting one that goes in the tent. Look at some reviews and do your research before you decide which one to get if you do end up getting one. If there’s a $20 or $30 difference in price I’d definitely get the bigger one. You may not need it now, but odds are every one of us growers is more likely to scale up than down. I wish you luck on your grow.

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tied the top over again as it was just getting too tall again…not sure I was supposed to do that once she was into flower …but live and learn…my last plant the buds were kinda on the loose side…any way to tighten them up a bit…I am using jacks 321 in soil/coco mix with a viparspectra 1500…I think I know the answer but really dont want to spend another 200+ bucks on a better light @Graysin

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Sometimes it’s genetics, often times it’s insufficient lighting. Autoflowers seem to have a weaker bud structure (loose, airy) than their photoperiod counterparts. Not that all autos have loose and airy buds, but they all seem to be inferior when directly compared against a photoperiod equivalent of the same strain. I assume it’s the ruderalis (the auto part of the autoflower) that causes that.

You do indeed know the answer - a better light will be the best way to increase your bud density and overall yield. Green-beams(dot)com is my recommendation- they have 2 models of light designed to compete with Horticulture Lighting Group’s RSpec lights (the QB 260, 320, etc) and they do a good job of it. I got just about a quarter pound of bud off two plants I had growing under the 240 watt Green Beams light. They had supplemental lighting on the fringes because of how my room is arranged, but the brunt of it came from the GB light.


@Graysin …I know I know green-beams but take a look at this thing…I might just be able to stuff this in my 24x30 tent

ViparSpectra KS2500 250W LED Grow Light

It would certainly be stuffed. :joy:

On paper it sounds fine. I’m a little unsure why they’d waste the time putting in 4 UV diodes
Would probably have been better served as more deep reds, but I could be wrong.

The thing that makes me anxious about Viparspectra from a broad perspective is I had the remarkable displeasure of checking out a grow @Growingforothers was trying to salvage from someone who was less than capable but seriously seemed to think he knew everything. Among his many lights were several Viparspectras. Nothing exactly “wrong” with them, but they seemed to put out more heat than light while boasting a PAR of 4000 or something to that effect (GfO do you remember the lights I’m talking about?) big things. Hot. Seriously heat factories.

That said, the design on the bar light is much improved over the internal fans of yore, but knowing that was their industry standard just a year ago … well. My faith is little because their mistakes are many.


right I realize they used to sell crap but seem to have uped their game quite a bit…I am fairly happy with my xs1500

allthough it looks like I would get more coverage with the ks2500 the gb2 240 is 25x8?..would fit but I like the coverage of the bar style… but I hear ya…not going to jump into anything too quick

You would probably get more even coverage with a lesser maximum potential in the center. Idk if I am equipped to handle light distribution charts. I think @dbrn32 might be the pro to handle that question.

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I wouldn’t buy anything from Viparspectra without being supplied with some sort of official tvird party test report. Their previous lights were all advertised as being best lights ever too, and they obviously weren’t. I know these lights don’t perform at 3.1 umol/joule so how much of the rest of their informative is true? Imo your best bet is to buy tried and true and be done with it in one shot.

If all things were equal having a more diffuse fixture like bar style is usually going to work out better for most.


@dbrn32 @Graysin …give this a watch and tell me what you think…it is the vid that sold me on the xs1500 I have now… ViparSpectra XS 1500 PAR Test & Review by Dr MJ Coco … ViparSpectra XS 1500 PAR Test & Review - YouTube

the same guy does a vid on the ks3000 too

Almost like he gets paid to say good things.

I’m a skeptic - I know lots of companies pay for reviews by bribing reputable growers to give good reviews in exchange for stuff. Lights, nutrients, tents, whatever. In turn, the growers get discount codes to distribute and they get a portion of that in return, whether in more free product or actual cash. @SilvaBack203 had a short stint with SpiderFarmer before they dropped the ball on the monthly incentive, and quite frankly he didn’t think the light was worth sacrificing the yield for his ladies. Especially with the risk of them not following through with the reward (one of their legitimately better lights).