Pee grow question part two

i have 4×4×8 grow tent and plan on growing auto gorilla glue and sour kush auto and will grow in 5 gal fabric pots i need enough bud to last me and my wife and mother till next harvest how many plants should i grow the soil is ffof along with fox farm nutes 800w full spectrum led cob light the seeds are from growers choice

Your lights are probably only big enough for 2 plants tops. Also, you’ll want to start your seeds off in a less hot soil, like coco coir. What kind of light is it?

It came with the grow tent but its a full spectrum led 800w cob grow light led output is 800w actual power consumtion 210w 4pcs 200w high @HornHead

You’re going to want to section your tent off so it’s about half it’s size now or get another light or two

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How much weed do you all smoke? You should figure it to be about 4 months minimum if you dropped seeds today before you will have smokable weed.


I dropped a seed in late August and didnt have anything to smoke until December (truthfully, i cheated and sampled early) There struggle is real!!